Innovation and Development

Special Issue : Firm-level Innovation in Africa : Overcoming Limits and Constraints

Volume 6 Number 2, October 2016, ISSN : 2157-930X, 303 pages

Guest Editors: Abiodun Egbetokun, Richmond Atta-Ankomah, Oluseye Jegede, and Edward Lorenz

Page 161 à 174


Abiodum Egbetokun, Richmond Atta-Ankomah Oluseye Jegede, & Edward Lorenz

Introduction : Firm-level innovation in Africa: overcoming limits and constraints.

Page 175 à 194


Olawale Olidipo Adejuwon

Bridging gaps in innovation system for small-scale agricultural activities in sub-Saharan Africa: brokers wanted!

Page 195 à 212


Andrew Agyei-Holmes

Technology transfer and agricultural mechanization in Tanzania: institutional adjustments to accommodate emerging economy innovations.

Page 213 à 234


M. G. Ukpabio, A. D. Adeyeye & O. B. Oluwatope

Absorptive capacity and product innovation: new evidence from Nigeria.

Page 235 à 258


F. Lamperti, R. Mavilia & M. Giometti

Persistence of innovation and knowledge flows in Africa: an empirical investigation.

Page 259 à 280


O. Ososro, P. Vermeulen, J. Knoben & G. Kahyarara

Effect of knowledge sources on firm-level innovation in Tanzania

Page 281 à 300


Abdi Yuya Ahmad & Keun Lee

Embodied technology transfer and learning by exporting in the Ethiopian manufacturing sector